Condo Sized Furniture: Modern Space-Saving Design Solutions

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Condo Sized Furniture: Modern Space-Saving Design Solutions

Buying a new property is a huge deal and a great accomplishment for young families. Living in the city, however, is a big adjustment for condo owners and space is often a major issue. Often, furniture cannot be transferred from a standard home to a small condo or apartment, as it is too large for a proper fit. Keep reading to learn about condo-sized furniture and smart space saving solutions that will help you enjoy your home and maximize surface area. 

Small-Space Living

Moving to a smaller space can be a difficult adjustment for those who are ill prepared. Here are a few expert-recommended tips to keep in mind when planning out a small condo living area:
  • Use transparent furniture to create the illusion of space. Coffee tables, side tables, lamps – you name it, they all come in a transparent finish. Transparency makes things look less cluttered and more polished without being bulky or space demanding.
  • Pattern is a plus. Don't shy away from patterned objects, especially when it comes to carpet and flooring. A great rug will draw attention away from the size of the space itself and toward a bold statement object.
  • Look for hidden storage opportunities. Great coffee tables or ottomans will come with a built-in storage solution. Opt for multi-function as opposed to luxurious pieces that are only for show and that do not serve any sort of purpose.
  • Use mirrors to trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it actually is in reality.
  • Draw interest upwards with shelving and storage that takes up wall space as opposed to surface area.
  • Find elegance in subtle pieces rather than bold or large items. Minimalist style in general is very chic as of late, so opt for neutral decor that compliments personal taste as opposed to trendy or gaudy materials.
Tips and Tricks
With so many outlets available for research in this day and age, planning and designing a new condo space is easier than ever. Here are three simple steps to follow during the organizational, conceptual period:
  1. Take advantage of online photography and design websites. There are thousands of photos and tutorials online to help you get inspired. Customize your search with sites like Instagram and Pinterest in order to find a design company that suites your style initiatives perfectly.
  2. Once you have a design plan settled, start looking for a professional home service company. A company that offers unique and sophisticated multi-functional furniture can be found and explored through a user-friendly website. The best companies will have links to their home page via design portfolios on Pinterest.
  3. Finally, start shopping online! This is the fun part. Look for functional furniture that will work in your new pad – multipurpose Murphy beds, for example, can be viewed and purchased online, making the process easier and more accessible. Even better than Murphy beds, Spaceformers offer the functionality of a Murphy bed, with the added benefit of a desk in the same unit.
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Start looking for condo-sized furniture online today. The time to optimize your small space is now. Storage solutions for tight fitting condos are available and can help young families monumentally during transitional times. Begin your search today. A new space full of functionality and comfort awaits!


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